ASTRIAGraph Ingestion Queries Demo

Demo queries for new ontology schema

Example ASTRIAGraph Ingestion Queries

Query Description Execute Query
What space objects had updated orbits from SeeSat-L on 5/19/20?
Between JSC-Vimpel and SeeSat-L, what objects have low error (less than 1e-5 difference) between orbit eccentricity from the most recent data?
How many space objects have been provided by UCS?
How many space object nodes have been stored for NORAD ID 39475 from JSC-Vimpel from 9/12/2019 or before?
How many space objects were updated with different data during 2019 from JSC-Vimpel?
How has space object data changed for debris piece: "BREEZE-M DEB (TANK)"?